NL 164/16 | SLMARAD - Notifications & Revised Maritime Circulars

Dec 16, 2016


Refers to: Ship Owners / Operators of Sierra Leonean Vessels, PH.R.S. Representatives
Action Date: Various

We would like to inform you about the policy adopted by the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD) regarding new registrations of vessels trading in Paris/Med/Black seas.

It has been decided by the SLMARAD that vessels above 25 years of age will not be accepted for registration without having IACS Classification.

This policy has been adopted as a preventative measure to reduce the detentions received in the Paris/Med/Black MoUs. Please note that IACS Classification indicated above, refers solely to the Classification Certificate. The rest of the statutory certificates can be issued by any other approved RO.

Kindly also note that the below Maritime Circulars have been revised:

* Please click here for the latest DMLC Part II which was amended to include the relevant changes.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for any clarification you may need on the above.