The Organization has been recognized by several states – members of International Maritime Organization – for the issuance of statutory certificates as they are provided and enforced according to the particular ships’ characteristics.

In addition, the Organization has been recognized, according to MD 4113.297/01/2012- GG 334Β - 14.02.2012 from the responsible authority of Hellenic Republic for the performance of inspections and issuance of relative statutory certificates for ships under Hellenic flag according to the National Legislation.

The performance of inspections and issuance of relative appropriate certificates is taking place through a very demanding management system and quality control.  Such system is subject to continuous quality controls from flag states’ representatives  and accreditation bodies for its adequacy, integrity and compliance with the relevant statutory regime like the RO Code and the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015  and ISO 17020:2012.