Quality Management System

PHRS is maintaining an integrated quality management system fully covering all statutory requirements ruling its operation. Within this regime, PHRS is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 for all internal processing, while maintaining its accreditation as per ISO 17020:2012 as an Inspection Body of type ‘A’ – Fully Independent Inspection Body. This particular accreditation guarantee the quality of offered services against its clients and constitutes the most essential guarantee for high level of quality standards.

Into this systemic environment, the Organization has adopted the requirements of the International Code for the Recognized Organizations (RO Code) as same has been stipulate by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The compliance with RO Code requirements is requiring a demanding institutional regime which will be common for all recognized organizations with regard to their ability to offer authorized services on behalf of flag states.

PHRS top management, putting always demanding quality goals, prepared the Organization for compliance well in advance the mandatory enforcement of the RO Code. So, the mandatory implementation date of January 1st, 2015 found the Organization prepared in excellent operational status within the most demanding regime ever existed.