The Organization has been recognized, so far, from the following flag states – members of International Maritime Organization (IMO):

  • Greek Flag Hellas (National Legislation)
  • Panama Flag Panama 
  • Liberia.svg Liberia
  • Sierra Leone Flag Sierra Leone
  • Cook-Islands Flag Cook Islands
  • Cambodia Flag Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Moldova Flag Moldova
  • Bolivian Flag Bolivia
  • Belarus Flag Belarus
  • Lebanon Flag Lebanon
  • Palau Flag Palau
  • Cape Verde Flag Cape Verde
  • Nigeria Flag Nigeria
  • Union of Comoros Flag Union of Comoros
  • Yemen Flag Yemen
  • Jordan Flag Jordan
  • Jamaica Flag Jamaica
  • Turkey Flag Turkey (Class Only)
  • Tanzania Flag Tanzania
  • Tonga Flag Tonga
  • USA Flag USA (Approved Classification Society by USCG)
  • togo Togo


  • download Belize


  • 1280 St. Kitts & Nevis


Flag of Barbados.svg Barbados


  • 255px Flag of Honduras Pantone.svg Honduras


  • 1200px Flag of Sudan.svg Sudan