NL 165/17 | Palau International Ship Registry - New and Revised Marine Circulars & Marine Notices

Jan 12, 2017


Refers to: Palau Ship Owners
Action Date: Various


We would like to inform you about the new and revised Marine Notices (MN) and Marine Circulars (MC) issued by the Palau International Ship Registry (PISR):

-    MC 16-028: Maritime Labor Convention (MLC, 2006) Amendments (Resent with text of the amendments of 2014 to the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 adopted by the Special Tripartite Committee on 11 April 2014).

-    MN 16-031: Ballast Water Management 2004. (NEW)

-    MC 16-032: Recognized Organizations for Polar Ship Certificates. (NEW)

Do not hesitate to contact our office for any clarification you may need on the above.