Service Suppliers

The Organization, performing its inspection activities, requires supplementary support from external service suppliers for operations like plates thickness measurement, special repairing and maintenance works like radio equipment etc, requiring special equipment subject to accuracy control.

In such case, the selection of appropriate service suppliers is the privilege of ship owners – managers, under the condition that such supplier has been evaluated and accepted by the Organization or other equivalent authority on the basis of certain standards.

The remuneration of approved service supplier is the responsibility of the contracted ship owner – manager.

  • RADIOHELLENIC S.A. Open or Close

    Country: Greece

    Company name: RADIOHELLENIC S.A.

    Address: 157, Karaiskou Str., 18535, Piraeus, Greece

    Phone: +30 2104297760

    Scope of activities: Inspections and Testing of  Radio Communication Equipment  & Performance Testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and Simplified Voyage Date Recorders (S-VDR).


    Country: Greece

    Company name: Shelectro Drivakos

    Address: 154, Androutsou Str., 18535, Piraeus, Greece

    Phone: +30 2104125650

    Scope of activities: Installation, Inspection, Servicing, Testing and/or Measurement of Navigational - Radio Communication Equipment (GMDSS) onboard ships and mobile offshore units