PHRS strives to offer high quality services, meeting and exceeding clients expectations.

It remains however a remote possibility that a client may feel the need to file a complaint / appeal, about a matter which is the responsibility of PHRS.

To facilitate such a complaint / appeal process covering the proper filing, fair investigation and justified response within specified timeframes for a complaint / appeal, PHRS has established, maintains and implements a Complaints & Appeals Procedure.

The PHRS Complaints & Appeals Procedure guarantees that any filed complaint / appeal will be received in an appropriate form, accompanied by any supporting evidence client considers necessary to back their claim. The investigation of a complaint/ appeal will commence once client confirms / declares in writing that the filed claim’s form and supporting documentation is considered complete and sufficiently justified.

The procedure further guarantees a fair investigation of any complaint / appeal and a detailed justified response to it in writing, within a specific timeframe.

A complaint / appeal can be filed using one of below methods:

1. online, via the relevant electronic complaint / appeal form on our website, which also provides ability to submit attachments
2. via email, to, in free format and by attaching any supporting documentation deemed necessary
3. verbally, via telephone / online call, in which case appointed responsible personnel (non-related to the specific case to be investigated) will register your complaint / appeal, advise you on any necessary supporting documents and guide you through the process

Irrespective of the method a client choses to file a complaint / appeal, it is highly recommended to refer to the below Complaints & Appeals Procedure, which provides guidance on how to file a complaint / appeal, as well as details of how a claim is investigated fairly, and the timeframe for the written response to it from PHRS.

Complaints & Appeals Form