Ship Classification

Phoenix Register of Shipping offers a comprehensive range of classification services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of ship owners, shipbuilders, and other maritime stakeholders. Our classification services provide an independent assessment of ships and offshore structures to ensure their compliance with international standards and regulations.

  • We provide classification services for various types of vessels, including bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, passenger vessels, offshore support vessels, and more. Our classification process involves assessing the structural integrity, stability, and safety features of the vessel, as well as verifying compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Within classification services, we offer plan approval services, where our experienced team of naval architects and engineers review and approve design plans for newly build vessels and modifications to existing vessels. This ensures that the proposed designs meet the required standards for safety, stability, and performance.
  • Our classification services include conducting surveys and inspections at various stages of a vessel's lifecycle. This includes initial surveys for class entry, periodical surveys to verify ongoing compliance, and special surveys for major modifications or structural changes.
  • We issue class certificate with various class notations according to the particular characteristics of each ship and we validate the compliance and classification status of vessels.
  • We offer technical advisory services to assist clients in various aspects of vessel operations and compliance. Our experts provide guidance on ship design, construction, retrofitting, and performance optimization. We also offer technical support for incident investigation, risk assessment, and emergency response planning.


The classification services of the Phoenix Register of Shipping are aimed at promoting safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability in the maritime industry. By leveraging our expertise, technical capabilities, and commitment to quality, we assist our clients in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of vessel performance and compliance.