NL 156/16 | Amendment to PMA's Merchant Marine Circular (MMC) No.131

Aug 30, 2016

Refers to: Managers / Owners, PHRS Surveyors / Representatives
Vessel Type: Panamanian Flagged Vessels
Action Date: August 2016

According to amended MMC-131 published from Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), starting from August 2016, the Panamanian Administration does not authorize the issuance of a Short Term International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) after carried out the Initial Verification, except only after the Renewal ISSC Verification and in some cases described in point 9 of the said Circular.

Recognized Security Organizations (RSOs) will be able to issue a Short Term ISSC, with validity not exceeding a five (5) month period, ONLY in the following cases, according to point 9 of the Circular:

  1. After the successful completion of the Renewal ISSC Verification
  2. Change of vessel name
  3. Change of physical address of the operator company
  4. Change of name of the operator company
  5. Change of tonnage
  6. Change of type of vessel
  7. Change of Company IMO Number

All RSOs must coordinate with the operator/owner to complete all the inspections/audit or visits during the validity of the ISSC interim (validity no more than six months) taking into consideration that the company operator needs to apply for the ISSC Full Term to any Segumar technical Office.
Also, PMA requests from all RSOs and company operators to avoid requesting an ISSC certificate extension. The issuance of a second interim will not be allowed.

By virtue of the above-mentioned amendment to the procedure of the issue of the Full Term ISSC certificate by PMA, all PHRS surveyors, auditors, representatives and clients (owners/managers) are hereby informed as follows:

  1. The relative procedure for the issue of a Full Term ISSC certificate on Panamanian flagged vessels shall be fully enforced by PHRS with immediate effect. PHRS, as Panamanian Recognized Security Organization (RSO) collaborated from the vessels’ company operators should ensure to make all the necessary arrangements to complete the Initial verification in order to apply for the ISSC Full Term on time.
  2. Owners/Managers and PHRS Auditors are requested to submit all the pertinent documentation required from an Interim ISSC Audit according to the relative PHRS procedure (audit reports, SSP for review/approval, etc) as soon as possible but not later than 2 months from the issue of the Interim ISSC certificate (validity no more than six months).
  3. The Initial ISSC Verification should be carried out at least 1 month before the expiry of the Interim ISSC certificate in order to enable the smooth submission of the required documentation (according to MMC-205) to a Segumar technical Office, for the issue of a Full Term ISSC certificate, before the expiry of the Interim ISSC Certificate.

The relative PHRS procedural requirements (PHRS Instructions for ISPS Code certification) will be updated accordingly and will be distributed to all interested parties for their perusal.