PHOENIX REGISTER OF SHIPPING S.A., known as PHRS, is a Hellenic corporation anonym, established in Piraeus. Since its establishment, is recognized as an Organization dedicated to the classification of ships and issuance of statutory certificates from flag states having recognizing PHRS as a Classification Society for such purpose!

The Organization has already a 21 years developing and growing history, mainly in markets abroad and it has been recognized from several maritime flag states as a Recognized Organization (RO) while is accredited as per ISO9001:2008 & ISO 17020:2012 as an inspection body type ‘A”.

The result of such a quality development and growth was the recognition of the Organization by the Hellenic flag state on 20th of August 2015, further to the assessment of the ministry in charge according to the requirements of ministerial decree 4113.297/01/2012- GG 334Β - 14.02.2012, as a Recognized Organization for the inspection and certification of ships under Hellenic flag.