NL 138/15 | PH.R.S. Performance in Paris MOU

Jul 03, 2015

Paris MOU’s mission is to eliminate the operation of sub-standard ships through a harmonized system of port State control and with a reliable and systematic methodology.

In this frame, PH.R.S., over the last years, is implementing a strict quality policy in order to improve its performance ranking, imposing among others measures, a detailed risk analysis model for every ship.

Since 2013 and according to the past Paris MOU Annual Reports, Phoenix Register of Shipping (PH.R.S) showed a remarkable increase in performance and moved from “very low performance” to “medium performance”. Phoenix Register of Shipping remains until today at the Medium Performance Level, as stated in the newly published Paris MOU Annual Report 2014, with an excess factor of 0.87%.

Ship-owners can trust PH.R.S. for the high quality of services and excellent cooperation and be reassured that zero (0) points for RO will be considered on Ship’s Risk Calculation System.

PH.R.S. follows over the years a steady upward trend, offering high quality classification and statutory services on the basis of an “ISO 17020” and “ISO9001” accredited quality management systems, as a powerful and independent inspection body.