NL 164/16 | SLMARAD - Notifications & Revised Maritime Circulars

Dec 16, 2016

  Refers to: Ship Owners / Operators of Sierra Leonean Vessels, PH.R.S. RepresentativesAction Date: Various We would like to inform you about the policy adopted by the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD) regarding new registrations of vessels trading in Paris/Med/Black seas. It has been decided by the SLMARAD that vessels above 25 years of age will not be accepted for registration without having IACS Classification. This policy has been adopted as a preventative measure to reduce the detentions received in the Paris/Med/Black MoUs. Please note that IACS Classification indicated above, refers solely to the Classification Certificate. The rest of the…

NL 165/17 | Palau International Ship Registry - New and Revised Marine Circulars & Marine Notices

Jan 12, 2017

  Refers to: Palau Ship Owners Action Date: Various   We would like to inform you about the new and revised Marine Notices (MN) and Marine Circulars (MC) issued by the Palau International Ship Registry (PISR): -    MC 16-028: Maritime Labor Convention (MLC, 2006) Amendments (Resent with text of the amendments of 2014 to the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 adopted by the Special Tripartite Committee on 11 April 2014). -    MN 16-031: Ballast Water Management 2004. (NEW) -    MC 16-032: Recognized Organizations for Polar Ship Certificates. (NEW) Do not hesitate to contact our office for any clarification you may need…

NL 192/17 | New Panama Flag Regulation for the use of the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

Nov 30, 2017

Refers to: Owners / Managers /Operators of Panamanian flagged vessels, PHRS Representatives/SurveyorsAction Date: November 30th, 2017 Panama Maritime Authority has recently revised the instructions and procedures on the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) according to SOLAS 74, Chapter XI-2 Reg. 6, as amended. Existing requirements (basic) According of Section 9 Part A of the ISPS Code, each ship requires implementing a Ship Security Plan (SSP) approved by its Flag State or by a Recognized Security Organization. All the Panamanian flagged vessels shall be provided with a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS), as instructed in the SOLAS 74’, as amended (Chapter…

PH.R.S. - United States Coast Guard Approval

Feb 22, 2016

We would like to inform you that our Organization has been recognized by the United States Coast Guard according to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 46 – Chapter.1 (A) 2.45 to perform as a Classification Society in the United States of America. The recognition was obtained after the evaluation of our Organization by the U.S.C.G and it allows any vessel classed by Phoenix Register of Shipping to call, be surveyed and carry out repairs at ports of the United States. Please see the relevant Authorization table and more information about it can be found on  

NL 150/16 | PHRS Recognition by Tanzania – Zanzibar International Register of Shipping (TZIRS)

Apr 26, 2016

Newsletter 150/16 | April 26th 2016 PHRS Recognition by Tanzania – Zanzibar International Register of Shipping (TZIRS) Refers to: Owners / Managers / Operators, PHRS Representatives We are pleased to inform you about our Organization’s latest Appointment as Recognized Organization: Phoenix Register of Shipping is a duly Authorized Recognized Organization to act on behalf of the Tanzania – Zanzibar International Register of Shipping (TZIRS) for the performance of marine statutory certification services including ISM & ISPS certification on Tanzania – Zanzibar flagged ships, without tonnage limitation in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) conventions and/or the National Regulations of Tanzania…