The PHOENIX Maritime Academy awards educational institutions by providing identification and membership.

Affiliate Member

To become an Affiliate member of the Phoenix Maritime Academy you must meet the criteria set out in the application form for Affiliate membership.

If your application for Affiliate membership is accepted you will be able to enjoy some of the benefits of membership of the Phoenix Maritime Academy, including:

  • beginning the Mutual Recognition process
  • receiving news and information about our events and activities.

As an Affiliate member you can:

  • Contribute to and take part in our meetings, conferences and research activities
  • Receive copies of all of our publications
  • Have full access to the members’ area of our website.


Developing Quality

The Phoenix Maritime Academy awards the certificates for developing quality to educational organisations for Maritime & Shipping education and individuals for exceptional achievements in planned care for developing quality in Maritime &Shipping education. The certificate is given to those who prove that they meet the criteria stated in the regulations about awarding certificates of the Phoenix Maritime Academy for developing quality in Maritime & Shipping education.

The Phoenix Maritime Academy quality development awards are given to educational and other organizations that educate adults that provide systematic and holistic quality development (for example, have a specially formed quality group and plans for quality development, assess quality regularly and respond to the findings, learn a lot about how to introduce even more quality to their work etc.), and individuals who in their work environment successfully encourage quality development in maritime &shipping education and excel in activities intended to constantly develop the field (for example, those teachers, experts, managers, directors and principals who actively cooperate in the processes of quality assessment and development of Maritime& Shipping education in their own quality, and at the same time care about the quality of their own work).

Accredited Training Provider

Accreditation may be granted to any Maritime & Shipping program that, in the exclusive judgment of the Panel, meets the Criteria in a satisfactory manner as evidenced by information available about the program as confirmed by an initial site visit, or other documented evidence requested by the Panel in accordance with International and European standards.