• #PHA-C002 | Fundamentals for Public Relations Practitioners Open or Close

    Public Relations for Professionals

    Public relations for an organization and especially for a shipping company, are of upmost importance since important agreements depend on them, as well as the public image that a company presents on the market. Dealing with a company’s image and reputation is essential since it’s a basic way of raising the profits. Public relations for professionals are very important on the shipping sector that involves cruise and/or passenger ships. The program aims at creating competent maritime executives and individuals who wish to enter the shipping business and maritime market by teaching the right ways, methods, and abilities to exploit public relations not only for the sake of the company but as well as for themselves.

    Duration: 1 day

  • #PHA-C003 | Plan & Implement a Public Relations Plan Open or Close

    Planning and Implementing a public relations plan

    The program aims at specializing maritime executives as well as those wishing to enter the maritime business using effective ways and methods of planning and implementing a public relations plan, developing strategies that maximize the profits of a company, but at the same time highlighting the good practices of the company’s provisions.

    Duration: 1 day

  • #PHA-C004 | Managing Public Relations Campaigns Open or Close

    Managing Public Relations Campaigns

    The program aims to specialize maritime executives as well as those who wish to enter the shipping industry, using effective methods of managing public relations’ campaigns, developing strategies and policies that maximize the profits of a company, highlighting the good practices and dynamics of the organization. Furthermore, through this program, executives will become able to preserve a company’s reputation in the event of damage.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C005 | Management of Change in Maritime Industry Open or Close

    Management of change in Maritime Industry

    A shipping company in order to continue to grow and to be competitive, it should adapt its way of operation and corporate culture, to the environment in which it operates. The methodical effort, the company makes in order to adapt to the changes in the best way possible, is called business change. More specifically the executive should make every possible effort to change the attitude of the company’s staff (if needed) in order to preserve and promote the company’s mission and vision overtime as well as to overcome any physical and/or mental barriers created by the international economic situation and the shipping fares market. All the efforts being made are focused on how the daily work duties are being performed either in the office or onboard on the ship, on the company’s organization chart, as well as the working habits of the staff and the corporate culture that prevails nowadays. In other words, the executive is going to be able to change the way that the daily work duties are being processed (i.e. introducing computerization), to change crew’s members’ responsibilities in order to maintain proper balance, employ people or dismiss improper staff, train senior colleagues in new methods/practices/regulations, create better relationships and a more open minded attitude on how things work under his/her leadership.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C006 | Negotiations Open or Close


    A negotiation is every form of communication, which seeks the approval, consent or involvement of another individual. This program will specialize the trainees in the strategies of negotiations, stages of negotiations and collective bargaining. Upon the completion of the program, the negotiator will have an additional value on today’s job market.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C007 | Communication Skills Open or Close

    Communication Skills

    For an efficient and effective organization, management, motivation and dynamic development of the human resources of a shipping company or an organization’s continuous improvement of communication skills and techniques is a requirement. Improving these skills, the executives of shipping companies manage to coordinate their interpersonal relationships and partnerships, whereas at the same time they improve and increase their dynamic on creating leading personalities, thus to protect the hierarchy of the company and of the vessels

    Duration: 1 day

  • #PHA-C008 | Lead and Motivate Teams Open or Close

    Leading and Motivating teams

    The executives of a company are required to motivate and/or train their human resource/crew by making use of their managing skills, and their acquired communication techniques. Motivation is the will of the staff to make the necessary efforts in order to achieve the quality objectives of the company. How willing someone is, solely depends on how that effort is capable of satisfying a personal need as well as benefiting the company at the same time, meaning that is something will not be a personal goal, the efforts for the achievement of that goal will not be intensive. The leader has to seek which needs ought to be satisfied, so that the staff will work in an effective and productive way. Our program will introduce the trainees to the proper ways, methods and practices that will make them able to be effective and efficient when it comes to management and the motivation of his/her team.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C009 | Building Team Open or Close

    Building Team

    Building the team of a company is one of the top priorities of an organization who aims to be/remain profitable, stable and to keep on developing. The reputation of a company depends on the managing model of the personnel as well as on the bond that has formed between the staff, but simultaneously keeping in mind the degree of satisfaction. The program, specializes on the good and right practices that will lead us on how we can build a team under the team spirit, aiming to the effectiveness and efficiency.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C010 | Developing Quality Open or Close

    Quality development

    Quality management is the set of planned and systematic actions and procedures, which are necessary in order to ensure that a service or a product will meet the requirements as defined by the International and European Standards. The Quality Management System (QMS) certifies that the overall that the overall organization and operation of the company meets the quality criteria (measurable or not) . The program creates specialized executives and other individuals who simply want to know and to able to apply a quality development system on his/her company / department or elsewhere in the country or abroad.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C013 | Crowd and Crisis Management Open or Close

    Crowd and Crisis Management

    Understanding and managing the crowd under pressure and events of crisis arising from unexpected events. Upon the completion of the program, the trainees will be able to understand the root causes of a crisis and how to deal with them in the most effective and efficient way. The program is addressed to merchant marine officers, officials and business executives who are mainly in direct contact with the public, shipping companies, etc.

    Duration: 1 day

  • #PHA-C014 | Train the Trainer Open or Close

    Train the Trainer

    Gain a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function. Through modeling of the best practices and latest techniques in training delivery, discover the 4Ps of training: Purpose & Assessment, Planning & Preparation, Presentation & Facilitation, and Performance & Evaluation. New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new approaches for delivering powerful training.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C016 | Marine Insurance Open or Close

    Marine Insurance

    To equip delegates with an understanding of marine insurance and provide a working knowledge of the main classes of insurance, including marine cargo, hull, protection and indemnity (P&I), and other liability coverage and how these interrelate. The course examines standard coverage for each risk type, as well as providing an understanding of the maritime transportation industry, the people involved, the contractual relationships and responsibilities, along with the different types of vessel used and the current issues within the industry.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C018 | Presentation Skills Open or Close

    Presentation Skills

    The experience in this presentation skills Executive Diploma is as close as you can get to having a personal, public speaking training coach. You present at least seven times over the course of two days. Your presentations are videotaped and evaluated. And you get expert one-on-one coaching at the end of each presentation. The presentation skills workshop are kept small and are in a supportive environment to allow for maximum engagement and learning. After taking this presentation skills course, you will be able to notice gains in effectively communicating your ideas, enhance personal and corporate image, and ultimately increase sales for your business.

    Duration: 1 day

  • #PHA-C020 | International Maritime Relations Open or Close

    International Maritime Relations

    The program offers a broad overview of the maritime activities of a shipping company and the skills required by the office manager or the masters of the sea to promote their vision and company goals. It is also a powerful tool in the hands of a graduate who as a tangible result makes him ready to take on any position of responsibility in a company in the shipping and transport industry. The specialization programs are designed in such a way as to take account of the knowledge and skills required by the maritime and shipping sector.

    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C021 | Interpersonal Skills Open or Close

    Interpersonal Skills

    This Effective Interpersonal Skills course has been developed to assist course delegates in building up their people skills and study how they communicate and interact with suppliers, clients and internal colleagues at all levels.

    The 1-day program focuses on different areas of communication, assertiveness and interpersonal skills to equip delegates with a practical understanding of:

    • Ways in improving their communication skills
    • Differentiating between submissive, aggressive and assertive behavior
    • Utilizing effective and potent people skills to persuade & influence
    • Delegate and handle criticisms effectively
    • The insights gained from this course will help participants improve their overall working relationships, as well as assist them in developing a practical Action Plan for the future.


    Duration: 1 day

  • #PHA-C023 | Maritime Resources Management Open or Close

    Maritime Resources Management

    This Executive Diploma provides an introduction to the concepts and practices of human resource management in shipping within the international and European and focuses on the management of recruitment, retention and employment cessation. Also among the aims of this unit is to provide the learner with an understanding of the law on employment, and the skills to apply those legal provisions which are concerned with the employment relationship and individual employment rights

    By the end of this module students should be able to:

    • Explain the meaning of maritime human resources, the concept of crew and manning a vessel, and the structure of the world maritime labor market. (evaluation)
    • Analyze the system and fundamental processes of managing maritime human resources. (analysis)
    • Compare and evaluate strategies for managing maritime human resources, both onboard and ashore. (evaluation)
    • Analyze issues facing different categories of diversity such as race, sex, age, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, national culture, and so on.


    Duration: 2 days

  • #PHA-C026 | Maritime Security Open or Close

    Maritime Security

    The MSO course provides the operator with the necessary skills and qualification needed to undertake employment in the role of MSO in the Maritime Security Industry.

  • #PHA-C028 | Quality Control of Welds and Metal Structures Open or Close

    Quality Control of Welds and Metal Structures

    Duration: 2 days